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" The place where love for coffee and wine meet each over "

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The Delirio Experience

Delirio is an innovative concept which consists in reinventing the way to taste coffee and wine. The objective is to rediscover these two products through new experiences and in an environment conducive to relaxation and travel.


The concept is therefore much more than an ordinary coffee. Delirio is a space that recreates a natural environment inside, like a living garden, an oasis in the middle of the city, which gives us the impression of being outside and makes us forget the urban landscape. The smells, the sounds, the different textures and the vegetable decoration of space, will awaken our senses and prepare them for discovery.


In this secret garden wine and coffee are in the spotlight. And the service goes far beyond simple tasting. It is the way to transform, sell, serve and consume these commodities that transcends what has been done until today.

Coffee and wine are part of our consumption habits and, although we consume them daily and sometimes even in large quantities, we have little knowledge about them. The processes of transformation through which they must pass, the different ways of cultivating, caring for, harvesting coffee or grapes, the impact of culture differences on the final drink, and how they affect our bodies and our health.

Our engagements

We buy our coffee beans from small producers at a price above the market price to contribute to a more just and humane agriculture. Thanks to the benefits of fair trade, farmers can thus not only improve their working conditions but also be able to initiate community projects. Beyond our direct (fair) trade, each packet of coffee also contributes to a larger cause: restoring hope to communities.

"Our ambition is to go beyond the sale of coffee by directly involving us in the development of farms and support for producers"

We want to support local projects that improve working, social, ecological and economic conditions in Colombian villages, which are often disadvantaged. Our sources of motivation are to restore pride to our coffee growers for their activity and to inspire a new generation to perpetuate the production of specialty coffee in Colombia.

Thanks to Delirio, we want to deliver a message of hope and promote collective awareness. We believe that the future happiness of our coffee growers depends on our ability to convey the best of their work.

So do not wait anymore and join us in this adventure!

Our coffee shop

Our proposition

What is Delirio?


Above all, it's a coffee shop the day and wine bar in the evening. In order to better accompany these products we also offer a catering service.


Moreover, we allow individuals and professionals to privatize our different spaces: "the forest" and the coworking space.


It is also a place of discovery. Thus, every Wednesday evening are offered workshops discovered around coffee.


Finally, we offer everyone the opportunity to take yoga classes every Tuesday, morning and evening.

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The perfect place to discover more about coffee...

... and wine !

We also offer a selection of wine, mainly French, also selected from excellent winegrowers.


Thus Delirio became a coffee shop the day and bar wine in the evening ...

Delivery at home

Coming Soon

We are currently implementing a delivery system on our site.


In the meantime, you can fill out the form opposite so that you can be informed when the service is available.

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Opening Hours

Tuesday: 10am-12pm (2am for events)

Wednesday: 10am-12pm (2am for events)

Thursday: 10am-2am

Friday: 10am-2am

Saturday: 10am-2am

Sunday: 10am-7pm