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An event to celebrate, need to work in optimal comfort or just want to share a moment with friends?

Delirio offers to reserve or to privatize one of its three different spaces by filling the form below.

The roasting room

Ideal to share a moment between friends, family around a delicious meal with an authentic specialty coffee. It is also here that you will be able to attend our different discovery workshops.

The forest

This unique space is perfect to come to celebrate events such as birthdays, baby shower or even funerals of laughing boy and girl. The scenery will make you, in the space of a few hours, travel in South America. You will also have the opportunity to broadcast your own music in order to make this delightful experience unforgettable.

Our Beach Working

This luminous and comfortable workspace will allow you to work in optimal conditions, around a delicious specialty coffee at will.


Its comfort also allows the organization of starting pot or other non professional events.


Wifi broadband in unlimited.

Book your delightful space and enjoy Happy Hour until midnight!

Réserver un espace délirant